The Resilience Audit

In order to determine the Real Resilience of an organisation or individual, we start with the Resilience Audit to see what the current status is.

The audit helps us understand where you are in your journey and gives us the information to determine what you want to achieve. It helps us to define where the gaps are and what solutions will help you achieve Real Resilience.

The resilience audit gives us all the understanding of where the business or individual is, in their journey to Real Resilience. Once changes have been identified, you will need a programme of implementation.

This work might be done through one-to-one conversations, workshops or team days.

In order to move forward, you first need to understand where you are. Real Resilience means you can own your impact, growth, and contribution. The audit establishes where you are on your journey from “Owning Up” to Owning”

The steps of the resilience audit can include but are not limited to

  • Initial meeting to understand your current situation
  • Audit – this might include discussion groups, surveys, and feedback sessions with other people in the organisation
  • Collation and evaluation of results
  • Report back and agree way forward

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