Alison Charles, Institute of Directors, Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Team Resilience

Resilient teams work better, together. They are motivated, working in high-performing teams, which get better results.

Team resilience is the capacity of a group of people to respond to change in a flexible and innovative manner. In the face of adversity, resilient teams maintain their work productivity while minimizing the emotional toll on their members.

A key ingredient

Resilience is the ability of a team to maintain its performance levels despite setbacks or adversity. It is a key ingredient for successful team performance and can be the difference between a team that succeeds and one that fails. A resilient team is one that is able to learn from its mistakes and use that learning to improve its performance.

It is the ability of a team to work together for a common goal despite any challenges that might arise. In other words, it is the capability of team members to stay focused and connected in difficult situations. Providing a platform that helps teams by providing actionable insights to improve team collaboration and communication.

Your people are your best asset! Ensuring your employees are informed, communicated to, educated, and trained is key. This ensures they are adaptable and ready to move when they need to.

Building team resilience is essential for any team that wants to be successful.

Research has shown that when team members have high resilience, the whole team performs better. It is therefore important for teams to develop a culture of mental health and wellbeing, to help them perform at their best – even in challenging situations.

What can Leaders do

There are a number of things that team leaders can do to foster resilience in their team, including creating a positive and supportive team environment, promoting open communication, and encouraging team members to take care of themselves both physically and emotionally.

While team resilience is something that needs to be cultivated over time, it is worth the effort. A resilient team is a high-performing team, and that is what every organisation should strive for.

Real Resilience for Teams is about embedding a positive mindset and self-awareness in each of the team members, including the leadership. It is a foundation to everyone working well together. The more an individual understands their own motivations, the easier it is for them be belong and find their best way to be a contribution to the team as a whole.


We work with teams in a variety of ways and have a number of interventions and workshops available. We ensure that any support we deliver helps individuals gel together in common understanding of the mission at large and know how their individual styles and role fit in that whole.

The sections below are an indication of the offerings we have available. However, we also provide tailored interventions and workshops to your specific needs. If you would like to know more please click the “Book a Discovery Call” button at the bottom of the page and we can have a chat.

A resilient team is one that understands, respects and values the individuals within it. That requires self-awareness and the acknowledgment of others’ strengths, as well as a recognition of how that creates an unstoppable team when in flow or under pressure.

We work with Lumina profiles and development because:
  • They are the unconventional inventors of digital personality tools using smart data and simple language
  • They challenge the outdated status quo of traditional personality assessments with more accurate, valid, and engaging tools that show people as they truly are
  • They deliver the latest expertise to excite continuous curiosity in exploring behaviour and personality across selection and development
  • They have a vision that we are passionate about too
“To transform organisations by celebrating their people, one human at a time”

Lumina teamLumina Teams help you work better, together. Clients refer to the Lumina Team experience as a genuine ‘Aha!’ moment. Easy-to-grasp language and impactful visuals instantly highlight the qualities and behaviours within a team. The result is motivated people, working in high-performing teams which get better results.

The Lumina Team workshops start with the lumina spark profiles (know yourself / your strengths) and then move into group dynamics.

Lumina Team investigates the team’s own perspective of its character as well as how other people view it. Participants co-create greater team awareness and understanding, learning to value each member’s unique contribution.
Lumina Team is an extension of Lumina Spark (no extra questionnaires required!) and comes with the Team Viewer application which participants can use to visually explore their team’s dynamics.

Building a resilient team is essential for any organization that wants to thrive in today’s constantly changing business landscape. A resilient team is one that is able to adapt to change and overcome challenges.

Group workshops are an excellent way to learn new skills and gain new knowledge. They provide a supportive and collaborative environment in which to explore new ideas and concepts. Typically can help to build confidence and understanding in a supportive and collaborative environment. They can resolve and (re)connect teams that have lost their way.

These workshops can help team members learn about and understand the importance of resilience. They can also provide practical tools and strategies for building resilience within the team.

Resilient teams

Resilient teams are essential for businesses to be successful. By investing in workshops to build resilience, organizations can set their teams up for success.

Workshops are designed around you and your team. We always start with the  Resilience Audit to identify exactly where the business is, in the journey to Real Resilience. Then a specific or tailored Resilience Team Workshop is recommended as a route to your business achieving Real Resilience.

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