Personal Resilience

Personal resilience is the human capacity to meet adversity, setbacks, and trauma, and then recover from them in order to live a full life.

Resilient people have the ability to sustain their energy levels under pressure, cope with changes and adapt. They develop and learn from setbacks, emerging stronger and wiser than before.

Emotional resilience is used to describe the ability of a person to adapt to stressful situations or a crisis. Resilient people tend to be able to take things in their stride and adapt to adversity without any long-term impact to them. People that are less resilient have a more difficult time with stress and crisis, sometimes resulting in lasting difficulties.

Learning to navigate change

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with challenges and obstacles. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed and to give up. But if we want to succeed in life, we need to develop personal resilience. It is a trait that allows us to pick ourselves up after a setback and keep going. People who are resilient are not afraid of challenges; they view them as an opportunity to grow and learn.

Why do we need personal resilience? Because it’s a key ingredient for success. Resilient people are able to overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. They don’t give up when things get tough; instead, they find a way to persevere.

If we want to achieve our dreams, we need to develop personal resilience. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it.

For where you want to be

Whether you are going through a personal change, climbing the career ladder at work, or managing your personal and professional priorities, you need to have Real Resilience in order to deliver. We help you through the tough times in life too.

Everyone experiences difficulties and setbacks at some point in their lives, you are not alone, but resilient people are able to pick themselves up and carry on. If you are struggling to cope with a difficult situation, there are things you can do to build your resilience. Building Real Resilience can take time and effort, but it is worth it.

We use a combination of coaching, psychometric analysis and somatic movement. See the sections below for more information.

We are licensed to use the Lumina suite of leading-edge psychometric tools to help you, your employees, your teams and your organisation recognise and achieve their full potential.

We use Lumina Spark, Lumina Emotion, and Lumina Select in our Personal Resilience work

Improving performance and building Real Resilience

Coaching is a process of helping people to improve their performance and build Real Resilience. It involves setting goals, providing support and feedback, and helping people to overcome obstacles.

It is carried out one-on-one via zoom or in person. Coaching is different from other forms of development, such as training or mentoring, in that it is focused on helping people to achieve specific goals. We also focused on helping people to deal with personal issues like stress management, anxiety and overwhelm.

A rich personal insight

Spark provides an accurate, personalised reading of an individual’s strengths and developmental areas. Whether you’re the CEO or a new recruit, it provides rich personal insights and practical benefits for everyone.

Spark inspires people to develop skills most needed in the workplace – adaptability, agility, a growth mindset, resilience, and authenticity.

Spark will help you:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Work better together and create better results
  • Improved working relationships and productivity
  • Cope better with stress and build resilience
Emotional Intelligence

The ability to choose our response to a situation is a powerful one – Lumina Emotion gives people that ability. Improved emotional intelligence, adaptability and resilience are just some of the benefits.

Industry leaders now see emotional intelligence as one of the top 10 competencies needed to succeed. Lumina Emotion focuses on our agility in understanding, adapting and managing our emotions day to day in order to guide effective thinking and meaningful behaviour.
  • Noticing and understanding your emotions
  • Adapting your behaviour and responding appropriately
  • Understanding the value of different emotional responses
  • Channelling your behaviour towards goals and values

Understand your perfect role. Discover your superpower

Understand your perfect role. Discover your superpower and uncover hidden potential. Lumina Select is the tool that helps match your skills to your career potential. Particularly powerful if you are thinking about a career change.

The Potential to be Pain-Free For Life

Life can be stressful enough when you are juggling work and family and dealing with the cost of living rises and general uncertainty. When you are in pain it becomes even more difficult to concentrate.

  • It affects your ability to focus.
  • Movement can be difficult or restricted.
  • Perhaps you are prevented from doing the things you love to do because of pain.

Pain can also be a result of stress that gets stuck in the body or as a result of an accident or other trauma. Additionally just being hunched over a desk for many hours a day can cause back, hip, and leg pain. It’s really grim, isn’t it?

Somatic Movement is a technique of relieving pain and rebalancing the body from the inside out. Sessions can be carried out over zoom but a face-to-face session, at least for the first session will help you understand the movements and get results quicker.

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