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Somatics Movement is a revolutionary way to release chronic muscle contraction and retrain the posture and movement patterns that are causing your pain. This program offers a natural, drug-free alternative for those suffering from conditions like back pain, limited mobility, neck pain, and headaches.

Somatics is a form of movement that helps to retrain the nervous system to release chronic muscle contraction. This, in turn, changes damaging posture and movement patterns.

In this 60 minute taster session you will learn and experience the following:

  • Learning how to feel the balance of your body and where there is tension or imbalance
  • Basic Somatic Movement techniques to improve common conditions like back and neck pain, and improve your posture and movement.
  • Breathing techniques that are the root of relieving tension

There is a maximum of 3 places in each session. Please sign up with your name and address and we will contact you shortly to book you a workshop at a convenient time and date. We run some workshops in the evenings and weekends, not just during the day, so you can choose a date and time to suit your needs.

The cost is just £15 per person.

Where: Horseshoe Studio. Havengore Close. Great Wakering. SS3 0PH.

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