What is Important to Us

Why Real Resilience Matters

The world is experiencing a massive amount of change and uncertainty. Some companies freeze and fail, while others innovate, advance, and even thrive. The difference is Resilience Resilience. That ability of an organisation or individual to adapt in an ever-changing environment and still be able to prosper.

Real Resilience means finding the resilience and strength you already have and developing it beyond what you thought possible.

The Values That Drive Us

One of our deeply held values is that we believe in carrying through when we commit to something. We promised to “go live” on 28th April and we are not quite finished with this page. So we went live and hope you will understand if there are a couple of boxes that still need a little bit of work.

Why We Do What We Do

There is a marked contrast between where a business or individual starts, and where they end up. The piece that is often lacking is the understanding of where and how to start, to achieve that transformation. We help you see the possibilities, achieve a clear vision, and hold your hand along the road to get there.

This is what drives us. Seeing the amazing transformations that businesses and individuals can make and working together to achieve them. Transformations that fuel growth, Real Resilience and adaptability.

Alison Charles, Institute of Directors, Thursday, 2nd December 2021

Alison Charles

Alison is our MD with decades of experience in individual, team, and organisational development. She has worked across commercial, public, and military organisations.

Professionally, Alison specialises in designing leadership programmes, senior team coaching, personal, team, and cultural resilience. Her experience is borne from a career providing large-scale global solutions for Learning and Development, Corporate Well-being, HR, HSSE, and Finance in companies such as Hambros Bank and latterly Shell International UK.  She developed skills that are core to the roles of Programme Management, Change Management, and Organisational Development. Change management and communication are at the core of everything she does.

Alison is passionate about building Real Resilience for all and bringing communities together to tackle systemic issues. She developed the Real Resilience Framework.

She’s currently balancing her love of motorbikes and singing with writing her next book and designing her new garden.

SOZA (2)

Soza Health

Human capital

The productivity of your human capital in your organisation is for a large part determined by how healthy they are, and how capable they are at operating in stressful situations. Illness in your workforce leads to absence, lost productivity and disruption of operations. Loss of an employee to ill health is expensive.

Soza offers a program for Business customer’s that allows the following benefits:

  • Offer health screening to your employees on a confidential basis, delivering your duty of care responsibilities.
  • Gain insights into your organisation through our analytics dashboard to explain where the health issues are in your business.
  • Receive personalised actions plans for your staff, and companywide recommendations to promote health and wellness.
  • Improve employee health to drive down absenteeism and presenteeism. (Where staff are in work but not working to their full capacity due to suboptimal health.).
Sophie Evans - Social Media Admin

Sophie Evans

Sophie is our social media manager with a keen wit and an eye for the creative and unusual. she is currently studying business administration level 3 and will qualify at the end of 2023.

Sophie is passionate about fashion and tattoos. She is very creative and loves to draw. It is great to be able to showcase her tattoos with the new photos.

Sophie joined the team in June 2021.


Tony Charles

Tony is our office manager and looks after all things technical. You will find him tinkering with a computer or out riding his motorbike.